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My Faith


My moral compass and Christian values are what I use every day of my life. My family and I have a faithful and strong Christian background. We have been an active member of Citygate Church in Lebanon for the past 3 ½ years. The nine years before that I belonged to Community Christian Church here in Fairfield Township. I support my church in committed tithing and serving wherever I can. I currently serve on the golf cart ministry (yes I know that sounds fun) as well as the baptismal ministry.

Along with my Christian faith I have two ministries that I support faithfully, One is in Hamilton and is called Made to Love which is a retail store whose merchandise all comes from Haiti. Everything sold goes back to the Haitians who made it by hand which gives the local Haitians an income and create jobs. I’ve served in the retail store with special events sales social media and general retail responsibilities since 2018.

The second ministry, which is what I started using my real estate career for is a nonprofit organization called a Homes for Homes. They create jobs in Third World countries.  They build homes and shelters for qualified people and families in need. For $3500 we can bless a needy family with a home in another country.

Both of these companies support Haiti. I am the first team in our region which is called the Ohio Team of Hope.  Ware currently building our fourth house this year. I donate a portion of every closing proceeds and commission to give back to make the world a better place. 

Ever since my son and I did a mission trip with the Princeton Pike Church if God in 2017, Haiti has my heart. When I came back I knew I needed to do more for his kingdom. I also sponsor two kids in an orphanage in Haiti and provide them with a Christian private education.